Our founder Franziska von Breitenbuch has worked previously for a number of reputable yacht design offices and shipyards.
Amongst others, she has been the head of the exterior design team of Newcruise for several years and has worked for Nigel Irens and Espen Oeino.
Her field of expertise range from exterior design and graphics to spatial layout and hull design.

Upon her return to Saxony in Germany she created das3Dstudio to offer the know-how gained during her time in Megayacht design also to other sectors.

She is looking forward to work with you on a multitude of inspiring projects, be it in real estate, yacht design or other fields.

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Franziska von Breitenbuch

 Wiesengrund 10
01920 Panschwitz



Telephone DD // +49 (0) 35 796 94 703

Telephone N // +49 (0) 911 307 284 3

Mobile // +49 (0) 177 270 80 36

Email // info@das3dstudio.de

Website // www.das3Dstudio.de


No matter where you are located, we are here to work for you. Either online from our "base camps" or in the case of bigger projects at your premises.

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