We are offering, within the legal framework of the local aircraft control authorities, drone flights with our 360 degree & standard camera.
As a result you receive high resolution print ready images and/or web integration ready images from us. 360 or wide angle, whatever you need.
We can also process the images further for you, layout them as well and organise the print process for you. Makes a great gift too.

The 360 images can also be integrated into the VR tours we create. Be it on websites created by us or others.

The technical data speaks for itself (for samples see below):

  • 360 degree panoramic shot as high res image with 33 Megapixel resolution
  • 360 degree video with up to 5.7k resolution
  • Video with 85 degree view angle and up to 4k Ultra HD resolution
  • High Definition Range (HDR) Single shots with 12 Megapixel resolution

We are also providing photogrammetry survey flights and aerial photogrammetry for the construction and other industries. This allows us to generate a 3D base model of your site, object, or building which can than be used as base for your or our own detailled 3D projects.
Find a sample at the bottom of this page.

One of our drones is specifically sized to allow also interior flights. Just ask for a personalised offer.
Btw. don't let you be fooled by drone sizes, in general smaller drones can produce more than adequate results for a lower price!

We will in turn check the legal requirements of a flight permission at your desired location and optain the necessary documents as part of our contract.


To the left one of our 360 degree shots.

When you click into the image you can control it and zoom in and out.




Below a developped 360 degree shot. Akin to a globe turned into a world map.
In flight height we are only limited by local law. In Germany we usually max out at 100m above ground.

If you click at the picture below you see more detail.


To the right some typical shots.
Wheen you click into the image you can watch them in full screen mode.


To the left a movie in full HD resolution.
If you click on the image a full screen view opens.


Our 360 Drone Video opens up new viewing angles. Click into the image and change the viewing angle with the cursor.
A fast internet connection is mandatory due to the high volume data stream. You can enjoy this also with VR goggles.
The 4k resolution is the max Youtube can host for 360 degree video. Our camera rolls at up to 5.7k resolution.

360 degree resolutions need to cover a much wider (spherical view angle) than standart video and are therefore a bit more pixeled.


To the right a sample project of our detailled photogrammetry. The model shown comes directly out of our specialist software and has not been further processed.
If more imahes would have been taken to the left or right you could have these areas also included in the model.

To achieve this we take many high resolution photos and use special software tools to produce a 3D object from them.

This model can than be measured or form the base for further 3D modelling or visualisations.
We can offer this also for interior spaces and/or other objects.
This technique is usually producing more than suitable results for most purposes, while beeing more cost efficient than laser scan.

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