As 3D specialists we create an impression of your projects, plans or dreams.
Let us create first create images before you head out to fint the right investors or clients for your products to be.

360 Degree 3D Visuals

To be able to turn a product and view it from all angles in its natural environment gives a deeper user experience and increases its selling ability.

We create 360 degree images of your products and offer also all related tasks, such as initial design from sketches, modeling, texturing up to lighting.

Of course we can add links, hotspots and media to your liking.

Rotation can range from 2 axis up to full spherical 360 with zoom.
The advantage over uploading a full 3D model (which we can do as well for you) is that your model data is not on the internet, the presentation has no external logos and materials and lighting are exactly as you want.

Please click and click and move mouse after the new windows has loaded.

3D ConCept Design

Special roofbox design to clients spec..

Visuals and optimisation by das3Dstudio.


We can do big or small.

Bathtub reading tray designed by das3Dstudio to clients wishes, built by a joiner of choice.

Cutting plans available!

Custom made reading tray.
Custom made reading tray.

InterCHANGE Ring
InterCHANGE Ring

3D ConCept Design

You've got a new product idea you'd like to bring to the market?
It's just a vague idea and you like a good base for discussions with investors, suppliers or the patent office?

We create this first impression for you and are glad to assist in the further development process.
To the left a sample from the jewellery shop, it's a ring with an magnetically interchangable stone.

3D VisualS

You'd like to show a concept to investors without needing to built a prototype?
Let us help with that.

To the right a typical example.

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