As 3D specialists we add the visuals to your projects, concepts and dreams.
Let us create a base for discussions, sales and marketing before you or your employees pick up the tools.

Of course we love to create not only an image but also a concept design for you!


To be able to turn your head and look increases the visual experience.

We create fully rendered 360degree presentations for you, even if you only have crude hand sketches or a description of them.

You can rotate them in all directions and we add clickable floor plans, audio and other media to your request.

Please take also note of our our separate heading 360° VR.

das3Dstudio VR 3D Sample Tour
3D CAD Model based tour. Please click. Optimised for Chrome & Full screen.


Taking a look at your new real estate project from all sides eases decision taking.

You can rotate them in all directions and we can add sections and clickable floor plans, audio and other media to your request.

Please take also note of our our separate heading 360° VR.

Please click on image and move your mouse in the new window.

For a bigger display, click into the animated gif and wait a few seconds for loading to terminate (loading speeds up after few moments).
You can then move the image around with the mouse once completed.


You are selling, building or renting out appartments or houses and need visually appealing floor plans?

We can create them for you and will match your corporate style.
Any base is suitable, crude hand sketches, photos or architects drawings.

Either as classical high resolution image or in animated form. Just as you like.

You will receive the deliverable in high resolution ready for print and can use it as often as you like for a one time fee.

Of course das3Dstudio can also create a new and unique furniture arrangement for you.


2D Floor plans will always be less pricy than 3D, but, we can add a hint of 3D to them by adding shadows.
Imagine, all your floor plans in one style across all your marketing media.
das3Dstudio did process several 100 floor plans for some of our clients.

Of course we can define a furniture style to your liking with you.
By now we have over 5000 furniture elements to choose from.

No matter if its a single project or a whole set of floor plans, you receive the full usage rights for them across all media for one single one time fee.

3D VisualisATION

Wether you are a real estate agent, architect , home owner or investor, if you need images of the vision how your future project will look like, we can create them.

Exterior- or interior, night, or daytime you'll get quality results made in Germany for a very reasonable price.


Your real estate has been emty and unused for some time and you'd like to show your client what he could do with it?

No problem-with our virtual staging we can show your clients the hidden gem inside.

Also great before moving to a new house or apartment.

3D ConCept Design

You'd like to renovate, redecorate or built new? Still, for now its just a vague idea in your head?

Talk to us!

We specialise into turning that idea into a base for discussion with officials, builders or architects.

No matter what size of project, we can also include 3D groumnd data and surrounding buildings.

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