3D VisualS

Our  visuals form the perfect base in the early development of a project. You can start marketing and your search for investors even before engaging an architect. We see ourself as communication facilitators and concept developpers.

You can order a number of different options from das3Dstudio. Let us create the ideal package suited to your needs!

  1. CAD floor plan based on your data
  2. CAD floor plan based on measurements we collect at your site
  3. Floor plan with furniture
  4. 3D Model in all common 3D file formats, unmodified geometry
  5. 3D Model with geometry modifications
  6. Base view shaded but not texturised (great base for hand sketching!)
  7. Complete 3D rendering with lights, shadows, materials and textures
  8. 360 3D Interior or exterior simply shaded
  9. 360 3D Interior or exterior completly rendered
3D Visual Tiny House Concept
3D Visual Tiny House Concept
Appartment Building 3D Visual
Appartment Building 3D Visual
CAD Grundriss erstellen


Together with our client we compile the projects goals and deliverables. Next we create a CAD floor plan which forms the base for the next steps.

3D Modellieren

Step 2 - 3D Modeling

With the help of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software we generate a detailled 3D Model
Once this is completed we define views and materials with you..

Immobilien Visualisierung


Once the materials, textures and light situations are defined, das3Dstudio calculates your high res images.

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