Our founder, Mrs. von Breitenbuch, has spent many years abroad working in the high end luxury yacht industry.
Amongst others she was heading the exterior design department of the at the time reknown yacht design company Newcruise in Hamburg.
Several years of work for J&J/Seaway Group form also a solid background with regards to production yachts of all kind.

Even though we are now located a far from the coastline the love for the ocean and ships prevail. So, it comes to know surprise that we gladly offer our services in this field too.
For efficiency reasons we are firm believers of the platform approach. Due to this we tend to start new projects on the base of existing technical backbone available at the shipyards.


Based on our longterm experience we are very happy to create new designs for you as well as to create visuals of your own designs.
No matter if its a one-off, a production boat or a refit.
To the right is a design on which we collaboarted with coquine designs (www.coquine.cc.).

Coquine provided the profile and we took it into full 3D.
Further projects are under development.

Mikado 90 Interior Design & Visualisierung Skylounge


In Interior Design we are very customer orientated and not fixed to a specific style. Still, we love to match the interior styles to the outside, as can be seen to the left.
This is our inhouse design for the skylounge of our Mikado 90 project.


Besides Exterior- and Interiordesign we are offering complementory services such as GA planning, space distribution and animated motion studies as well as 360° VR.

3D VisualS

No matter if you supply us with a sketch or we are creating a design from scratch, our 3D models let your design shine in a new light.

Together we define environment, lighting and materials as well as the desired views.



With the models as base we can also do motion studies like crane movements, hatch openings and the like.

We can also create flythroughs and movies. Speak to us and we will create a package to meet your goals.

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